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Dr. Leung will incorporate the use of injections in treating patients when deemed medically appropriate. Dr. Leung administers injections with great care for the safety and comfort of his patients. Below is a list of some of the injections he provides:

Knee joint injections

Shoulder joint injections

Hip joint injections

Sacroilliac joint injections

Ankle joint injections

Genicular Nerve Blocks and Ablations

Trigger point injections

Carpal Tunnel injections

Trigger finger injections

Suboccipital nerve block injections

Tennis elbow injections

Temporal Mandibular joint injections

Trochanter bursa injections

Pes anserine bursa injections

Metatarsophalangeal joint injections

Viscosupplementaion joint injections (Orthovisc, Gelsyn-3, Supartz)